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Our Solutions

Precision Harvesting Solution


Measuring your harvesting piecework and orchard revenue has never been easier. Our purpose built GT-1 harvesting scanner tracks harvesting progress with reliable accuracy. Track your farm’s harvesting in real-time online with great accuracy.

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Individual scanning of crates

Each workers scans his or her own crate with device; Trace crates back to harvester, exact GPS location and Time of harvest.
See live inventory, accurate yield map and harvester performance

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Team scanning of bins

Each worker scans his or her Tag at a central device on the bin. Measure team performance, individual performance and see orchard yield maps

Precision Job Costing Solution


Real-time information from your packing floor will give you the edge you need to keep employees productive and your packing schedules on time. Our Smart-Scales gives packhouse managers and packing staff the tool they need to bring out the best during the season. Reliable and accurate data in real-time is where great decisions are made.

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Measure your incoming harvest in real-time and trace your bins back to the harvester and orchard

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Prevent over-packing your products and measure each packers output in real-time

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Trace boxes back to packers, station and time of packing with modern and unique QR codes

Precision Packing Solution


As labour cost increases, so should your ability to measure it. Simplifying the method of measuring your labour costs has always been a challenge until Adagin’s purpose built Job Costing module solved it. The accurate and real time insights from our Job Costing module allows our clients to make informed decisions.

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Precision Job-Costing

Real-time & accurate information on where your labour cost is being spent on professionally designed dashboards

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Measure each workers output by using the smart-phone app. Log performance against orchard and activity

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Wage Facilitator

Simplify the process of getting your field data ‘wage ready’ with our purpose designed and user-friendly wage facilitator

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